Baby Trend Secure Snap Infant Car Seat

Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat

The Baby Trend Secure Snap infant car seat is one of the best selling car seats on Amazon, and for some excellent reasons.  Not only is it well priced (and we know that shouldn’t be the only reason for buying a car seat) but it is well made and will keep your baby safe.  This is an infant car seat, meaning that it is designed for children up to 35 pounds or about 24 months.  Children of this age group need special protections and you will find those in this car seat.

The Baby Trend Secure Snap Infant Car Seat Has A Lot Of Features!

Car seats have come a long ways in the last 40 years.  What used to be cheap plastic chairs for kids are now well-designed molded, padded seats that protect children if an accident should ever happen.  These seats need to meet universal standards set and regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  The bottom line is that the seats need to protect your child.  Choosing the best infant seat can be a tough job, there are quite a few to choose from.

The Baby Trend Secure Snap infant car seat  meets and surpasses all of the NHTSA requirements for safety.  It is designed for infants and will cocoon them in a comfortable, secure chair that fits into most cars sold in the US.  The five point harness that is standard on car seats is in place with a system that is designed so that you don’t have to thread the harness each time you move the seat.  What a great idea!

A Comfortable Molded Shell

All car seats use a molded shell as a base.  Baby Trend’s shell is padded all around, especially on the sides that protect the head and upper body.  Not only is this safer, it makes the whole unit much more comfortable for your child.  The interior is lined with a soft, washable chambray that is easy to keep clean.  There also is an insert system that can be removed as your child grows, meaning that this isn’t a seat that is only good for a short period of time.  Your infant is growing and this seat has adjustments to handle that.

Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat, Chambray , 16.5x16.25x28.5 Inch (Pack of 1)

Two other convenient features are the collapsible canopy and the adjustable handle.  The canopy moves so that you can adjust it as a sun shade.  It’s a great way to help keep the sun’s glare off of your child.  The handle is easy to adjust so that you can unhook the chair from your car and carry it like a basket.  No need to remove your child from the seat, just unlatch the seat from the base and use the seat to carry you infant.

Price is always going to be a factor when buying car seats.  You can spend many hundreds of dollars on infant seats, some will have a wide variety of nice options.  However, the bottom line is that your car seat needs to keep your child safe, regardless of the price.  That’s why we like this seat so much and why it is a best seller.  For less than $125 you have a high quality, versatile infant car seat that will last for a long time.

Drawbacks To This Car Seat

While this is a very good car seat, there are a few drawbacks to consider.  Baby Trend car seats aren’t compatible with other manufacturer’s strollers.  If you want to have a seat that works with a stroller, you have to buy a brand that works that way.  The insert feature is nice but works only for the first few months, then your child will outgrow it.  As an infant car seat, it is an appropriate seat only up to 35 pounds.

This is a very good car seat and a very good value.  If you want a car seat stroller combination you can get strollers from Baby Trend that will work with this seat.  Overall, it is a very good value.



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